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A Minor Problem

I am currently in Fort Garland, Colorado.  I have no place to stay tonight.  The hotels here are booked and Saguache is 78 miles away.  Renting a car is not in my budget, but I might rent one just so I have a place to sleep tonight.

UPDATE:  I couldn’t find a place to sleep, so I tried to find a place in the woods to set up a tent.  I didn’t have a tent, but if there was an area, it would have been a good spot to lay down my stuff.  I found an area, but slipped down a hill and hurt my ankle.

I limped back into town looking for a hospital.  The limp was more noticable as I wascarrying my stuff through Fort Garland.  I was given a ride to the hospital.  I spent the night in the hospital as it was discovered I had a fractured ankle and a concussion.  I won’t be able to go on the hike, but I am hoping to be released in time for the Chuck Wagon Dinner.


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  1. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Comment by David | August 30, 2009

  2. Sir, Chuck Wagon touches my heart. There is dog chow where the human heart meets the road kill. WTF? Am thee drunk? Is that even biblical or proper grammer? I think thee not.

    I shouldn’t have posted this.

    Comment by Sir Satire | August 31, 2009

  3. The Chuck Wagon was pretty good, Dr. Satire. I must admit that sometimes I get Chuck Wagon confused with Gravy Train sometimes.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 31, 2009

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