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I reached my 40,000th supporter the other day.  I would have mentioned this sooner, but I have been busy.  Below are some of the possible reasons in the spike of supporters in recent days:

  • Saguache County Support Base Swells upon my Arrival – I doubt this is the case because the percentage of people who were happy I am in Saguache County is no higher than the percentage of people who voted for me.
  • Obama Supporters are Weary of Obama – While I have seen people who voted for President Obama become critical of his health care plan, I have seen none of his supporters advocating mine.
  • McCain supporters See no Future for Republican Party –  Republicans seem to be like a punch-drunk spouse.  No matter how many times Republicans say they will cut spending and never do, the flock of grassroots Republicans believe they will cut spending the next time.
  • People are Bored – If that was the case, I’d have 40,000,000 supporters by now.
  • Subliminal Messages – I don’t know how to do that.  Besides, I believe in a more overt approach.  “VOTE FOR AHMNODT HEARE!”

While I figure out the reasons for the unexpected spike in supportership, I would like to thank everybody for supporting me.  Election Day is only 38 months away.


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Busy Busy Busy

It’s odd that I would find myself busier during vacation than I am usually during the year.  It started early yesterday morning when I went to a local doctor to get a walking boot for the cast on my ankle.  I no longer have to use crutches, but I am still getting around slower than I would like.  I am currently looking for an inline skate I can use on the boot.

I went to the local restaurant for breakfast.  Word got around town that I am here for vacation.  In most parts of the country, I could get around relatively anonyomusly.  In Saguache County, I am as popular as rock star Ajay Bhatt.  The owner of the restaurant showed me the new lunch and dinner menus they have been using the last week.  On the lower left hand corner of the menu is Grandma Oudda’s recipes.

After breakfast, a couple of locals took me on a tour of Saguache County.  The first stop was the town of Center.  The middle of town was a movie theather that closed last year when the citizens of Center decided to fight the Cinemafia by boycotting the theater.  The touching moment came when I found out that people were in the process of buying the theather and making it into the Ahmnodt Heare Community Center.

We were soon off to Crestone.  One of the things you notice immediately about Crestone is that many religions have house of worship here.  There are almost as many religions here as residents of Crestone.  We made a quick stop to Moffat.  there isn’t much to Moffat now, but the town almost became the state capital of Colorado.  (It lost a close election to Denver.)

The final stop was a small ghost-town like village of Bonanza.  Fourteen people live here, but I didn’t get to meet any of them.  The people I was with told me I was probably better off not meeting them because most of them voted for McCain.  I told them that that didn’t matter to me and that I forgive them for their error in judgement.

We headed back to Saguache.  I was having a hard time breathing.  I don’t know if it was because of the elevation (most of the county is over 14,000 feet above sea level) or if it was from the smoke in the air.  I understand that the smoke came from the Los Angeles area, but not because Manny Ramirez is hot.

The day ended with dinner at the restaurant.  I got to try their Strawberry Stroganoff.  It was very good.  It was the first time I had Strawberry Stroganoff  that wasn’t made by a member of my family.

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