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Walk-a-Thon Canceled

I am deeply saddened that I will not be able to partake in the Walk-a-Thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness.  I had a mishap with the ankle I broke while I was on vacation.  I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that I would not be able to walk on it for two months.  I am no longer wearing the boot that people with broken ankles use for walking.  I am on crutches and will remain on crutches for two months.

The reason why I chose October to do the walk-a-thon is twofold:  The first reason is because I didn’t want to walk when it was too cold in the Northeast or too hot in the desert Southwest.  The second reason why I chose October is because all of the other walk-a-thons are in October and I didn’t want to seem rebellious and walk in another month.

Some people have suggested that I do the walk-a-thon with the crutches.  There are two problems with this.  The first problem is that it takes longer to walk on crutches and I would end up with both extremely cold weather and extremly hot weather along the way.  The other problem is that people seeing me using crutches might think I am rasing money for some kind of birth defect instead of the defect in entertainment caused by the CineMafia.

I may have to do a telethon instead.  The problem is that I can’t have celebrities as spokespeople because they all work for the CineMafia.


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  1. This is making me question your commitment to your platform and campaign. Judge Sotomayer didn’t wimp out of her confirmation interrogation just for a little ankle trouble, did she!

    And I thought you of all the candidates would be ready to think outside the box – hoveround scooter…duh. Or even an actual wheelchair – FDR used one, so can you.

    So anyhoo, hope your ankle is quickly mended.


    Comment by David | September 20, 2009

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