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Internet Outages

I will be unable to continue posting on the road due to the bus receiving weak internet signals. This is due to being nowhere. I am still an hour and a half from Oneonta, currently traveling on NY Route 28 in Margaretville, or “Pegville” as some would call it.

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Mount Trapper

“If you see a fork in the road, make it your bus stop.” – Mount Trapper Chamber of Commerce.

There was nothing in Mount Trapper except a fork in a road.  There wasn’t even a sign that said “Bus Stop.”

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Woodstock (Without Snoopy)

The bus has pulled into Woodstock with no signs that a music festival was here 40 years ago.  That is because they had to move the festival to nearby Bethel, NY.  The seating for a musical event here is limited to 20 people.

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Returning to Kingston

This is my first time in Kingston since I gave a speech on global warming to the Polar Bear Club in February.  There was a layover and I got off the bus to stretch my legs.  I ran into one of the people who attended the speech.  She seemed to be a bit dilusional though.  She thanked me for the great job I was doing in running the country and appreciated that I had stopped global warming in Kingston.

I tried to tell her that I am not the president yet and I had nothing to do with stopping global warming, but she ran off, saying that she had to catch the robotic butterfly hovering over a garbage can at the other end of the bus terminal.


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I swear bus companies invent small towns to generate more business for themselves.  There are a few stores and a pizza shop, but little else.  No Chinese restaurants from my observation.  I’m now out of Rosendale.

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New Paltz Stop

I had always thought New Paltz was a college town.  I was hoping the bus would have gone to the college because I would have liked to have looked at a hottie or two.  Otherwise, it becomes a five-hour trip of nothing but looking at trees.

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Amazing Artwork

For those who are new to my campaign, I like various forms of art.  I have blogged about the incredible work of Julian Beever in the past.  I was reading today’s New York Post when I saw another incredible artist.

Alyssa MonksThe artist’s name is Alyssa Monks.  What makes this photo so amazing that it isn’t a photo, but a painting. Check out more of her works at http://alyssamonks.com/port.asp.

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