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Why Rio Won the Olympics

Don’t blame Chicago not getting the 2016 Summer Olympics on President Obama.  Although I am not a supporter of the President on many issues, he gave an inspiring speech as to why Chicago should host the Olympics.  Chicago has a lot going for it:  The Magnificent Mile, Wrigley Field, and Deep-Dish Pizza (for those of you who are into that – real pizza is flat) are just a few things Chicago has to offer.  Rio de Janeiro doesn’t have any of these things.  Rio has one thing that Chicago doesn’t have:  An overabundance of hotties.

Studies show that more people travel for hotties than for deep=dish pizza.

Studies show that more people travel for hotties than for deep-dish pizza.

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro and to Brazil for hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics.   Hopefully in 2020, the Olympic Committee will vote with their heads and not with their pants.


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  1. Woo Hoooooooo!!! 😀

    I was excited when I found out that we got dead last.

    What a waste it was to fly to Denmark?

    If we can’t even place 1st in getting the Olympics how will we do in the actual Olympics?

    Comment by Mel Ancholy | October 2, 2009

  2. The Olympics during Carnival will bring a lot of people to Rio and possibly distract a lot of Athletes. Brazil can win a gazillion medals in events besides volleyball and soccer.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | October 6, 2009

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