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Chris Daggett for Governor

When I first heard that Chris Daggett was running for governor, I thought it was cool that a gold medal medalist was running for governor.  I was later informed that the gymnast is Tim Daggett. The good news is that Chris Daggett is running as an Independent.  He is currently polling at 20%.  This should be a glaring message that a guy with almost no TV ads is within striking distance of both current governor Jon Corzine and the dude with a chick’s name Chris Christie.  It is sad that the best the two parties could muster up to run for governor are Corzine and Christie.

I will be spending the next week and a half campaigning for Tim Chris Daggett.  I will be explaining the importance of voting for somebody for governor and as President in 2012.  Come join me in getting independents like Chris Daggett elected in 2009.

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