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Some Updates

There are a few things I have to take care of that I have neglected.  Although I moved the campaign headquarters from Michigan to New York, there were things I had to take care of.

  • I tried to get Governor Jennifer Granholm to endorse me for 2012.  Unfortunately she is a Democratic Party hack and a Canadian.
  • There are no signs of Humpback Dolphins in Lake Michigan.  No charges have been filed against those responsible for killing off the dolphins.
  • Peasant Tim is currently the Michigan campaign manager.  I haven’t heard from him lately, but he is still the man.
  • The Hell’s Angels meeting that I was supposed to have in Stockholm did not materialize.  They found me and told me the meeting is now tomorrow in New York City and it would be in my best interest not to miss it.

I hope this is everything I had left behind.  The campaign will be moving forward.


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  1. have you thought of lowering your sights a little — maybe to supreme court justice?

    Comment by davis | October 25, 2009

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  3. Davis, you might not believe this, but I do not want to run for President. It is a necessity. None of the other politicians are willing to tackle the CineMafia or the humpback dolphins dilemma in Lake Michigan. By my running for president, you can be assured these and other issues will be addressed.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | October 25, 2009

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