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Travel Problems

I am supposed to be leaving for the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates next weekend.  I had to renew my passport and I received it yesterday.  There is a slight problem with the updated passport:  My first name is spelled wrong.  For some reason, it is spelled “Amhnodt” instead of “Ahmnodt.”  I tried to call the State Department to get this fixed, but I kept getting voice recordings.  I will try their website later.  If I can’t get help from the website, I will call my congressman.  If he can’t help, I will change my name to “Amhnodt.”  The hard part will figuring out how to pronounce “Amhnodt.”


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  1. Damn bureaucrats…This is just the kind of thing that was so devastating to many of our ancestors coming through Ellis Island. One day they were the Smithdagensteins and the next day they were Dagsteins or Smithsons – that wreaks havoc with researching the family tree.

    Please Please Please take into account all the necessary safety and security precautions in planning this trip. Your campaign really doesn’t need the setback of another injury like that ankle thing.

    Oh, and make sure your inoculations and vaccines are up to date. It would be a disaster if you were to return with lockjaw.

    We Independents of America are counting on you.

    Comment by David | November 6, 2009

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