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Winners Never Quit!

My high school baseball coach said something to me the day I quit the team. He said, “You weren’t going to make the team anyway.” I came home and my father was mad at me.
“Winners never quit!” he often said. “Hank Aaron didn’t quit. John Riggins didn’t quit. Bob Marriwand quit.” My father would tell me that Bob had more talent than anybody he had ever known, but quit because he didn’t like it when things got a little tough.
I have learned not to quit because I am a winner. I won’t quit predicting NFL games. I won’t quit smoking, and I won’t quit running for President. America hates quitters!


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  1. “Winners never quit” is a tautology.

    You are actually saying, “winners are winners,” or “quitters are quitters” (therefore not winners).

    If you quit before the game is over then you lose by default. If you stay until the end of the game and still lose then that is one thing. But at least you didn’t give up before the finish line.

    What’s wrong is that sometimes winners CAN quit. It depends on what your definition of winning is and if quitting one thing means never entering another contest. You don’t have to win every battle and indeed more than likely will NOT win every battle and still win the war.

    Tactical and Strategic retreat has a lot to speak for it…..

    That’s all I got.

    Comment by Gryphon | November 9, 2009

  2. You’ll have to talk to my father about that.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 9, 2009

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