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The Vice-Presidential Candidate

NOTE: This is the second of a series of entries from the “Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates” that took place in the Caribbean from November 14-20.  To see the entire series (once completed), click on the “Meeting of Independent Presidential Presidents” tag and the entire list should pop up.

There are twelve candidates for President who are partaking in the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates.  All of the candidates have interesting platforms.  If time permits, I will discuss all of them.

Tonight I want to mention the person hoping to be the vice-presidential candidate.  her name is Sondra Demarest.  She says she is willing to be President if the situation calls for it (assassination, impeachment, resigns to chase around hotties, etc.), but would rather work behind the scenes and have the President and his (or her) visibility take the hit for any of her policies that might not work.

Sondra isn’t a hottie, but she isn’t butt-ugly either.  It probably wouldn’t take more than one or two drinks before I would consider seducing her.

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  1. As a nation of voters, I think we need to have some examples of women you would seduce with no drinks, with one drink, with some range of drinks up to being blitzed (upon which one either passes out or can’t perform).

    Names, pictures, highlights – Just so we can evaluate your judgment…as a candidate, of course.

    Comment by David | November 24, 2009

  2. I tried that when I was in college and it got me in trouble. Women hate to be rated (especially the ugly ones.)

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 24, 2009

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