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The War on “War”

One of the biggest arguments we Americans have is whether we should be fighting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Canada.  Proponents of war say it’s the only way we can stop the enemy.  Opponents of war say that the proponents only want war because they lack the speaking skills needed for diplomacy.  While this explains why Republicans are for war, it doesn’t explain why Democrats are against war.

I am finding that my position on war is not very popular with Star Trek fans.  Doug Kamakachi is a candidate from California running as an independent with the intent of implementing the Democratic Party platform.  He claims that Democrats can’t seem to implement their platform so he will do it for them.

Doug doesn’t like my position on war because he is a Trekkie and doesn’t want to see William Shatner deported.  He also saved money on this Caribbean getaway by booking his cruise on priceline.com.  He wants to end all wars (including the wars Americans aren’t involved in) and remove bases from every country except Switzerland.  He claims that having a base in Switzerland will help the Swiss end their neutrality and become an ally with the United States.   I think it is because Doug gets turned on when Heidi is yodeling.


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