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Bad Karma

This has been a bad week for me.  My grandmother passed away, The Redskins lost (again), and I was removed from my position as the President of the local “Hello Kitty” fan club.  The worst part is having to find a place to use a computer.

I had spent the weekend with Daria.  She had a real chance to be my girlfriend.  Instead, she’s either crying or mad at me wondering why the power cord to my computer is so important when 95% of my business and 100% 0f my campaign are done on my computer.

We had spent the weekend at the Days Inn in Alexandria, VA. She was outside on the balcony looking at people who were having a difficult time closing their car trunk.  She decided to throw them the power cord to my computer over the balcony to one of the people trying to get the car trunk closed. The people were gone by the time I figured out what had happened.

I also lost my wrist brace.  I had used it on nights I was working alone.  I am going to be a grouch tomorrow if I don’t find that wrist brace.

The good news is tomorrow is December 1.  A new month should bring with it a new karma.


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  1. I hate to burst your (ego) bubble, but I don’t think the Redskins loss is the result of your karma…Dan Snyder’s karma sure but yours, not so much I’m thinking.

    Comment by David | November 30, 2009

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