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My Predictament

Here is my problem:  I need more coverage from the mainstream media.  Right now, the only way it looks like that will happen is if people get tired of both the Democrats and the Republicans.  The most likely scenario for that happening is if the United States starts falling apart or if things get worse.

I would like to get the coverage without having to hope my country falls apart due to a weak Dollar or an overflow of Canadians.  I would also like to get coverage without swimming across Lake Michigan naked.

Then there is the “break-a-record” recognition.  The problem with that approach is that it is either too time consuming, too much of a risk of bodily injury, or both.  I like my body so much, I added 50 pounds to it to show people just how much I like my body.

I will try to find a way to get coverage for my campaign.  If you know a way that I did not mention, please leave a comment and let me known.  Otherwise, I might break the record for being the least recognizable candidate for President.


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  1. YEAH! I am all for the disintegration of society and government in general but I also love my country and want to see it as a GLOBAL phenomenon.

    It’s happening. I can see it from a historical perspective. And it’s accelerating quckly enough that I see it subjectively as well. Toffler will back me up on that.

    Whether complete meltdown happens in my lifetime (which is getting noticeably shorter) is the question. But, a man should have dreams, yes?

    Comment by Gryphon | December 11, 2009

  2. >>>I would also like to get coverage without swimming across Lake Michigan naked.

    Ya know, you wouldn’t necessarily have to swim naked as long as you arrived naked at the finish line.

    I promise I would increase my financial contributions to the campaign if you arrived naked. I’m patriotic like that.

    Comment by David | December 11, 2009

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