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Santa Knows I Have Been Good!

Santa Claus has been watching me over the last year.  He made a special point to make a video appreciating how good I have been.  I wish I could embed it in the blog, but I can post the link.

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Attention Facebook Users!

There is a new page on Facebook you should check out!  It’s called, “100,000 People Who Think Ahmnodt Heare Would Have Been a better President

We can get 100,000 people, but it starts with you.  Please join, and tell all of your friends and half of your enemies to join.  If you don’t want to join because you don’t think I’d make a good president, join because President Obama is doing a terrible job.  He is fighting the people’s wishes on health care and on the Cinemafia.  He might be offering change, but I have yet to see a 2009 minted coin.  He’s handing out the same old change.  That change is tainted with H1N1 from all of the people touching it looking for change.

Join the page today!  I will not spam your Facebook account or keep bugging you to be my friend.


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Leisure Time

When I am not blogging or campaigning, one of the websites I like to go to is cheezburger.com.  It is a website that allows you to caption photos.  Below are some photos I have captioned:

And one for the holidays:

To see all of the pictures I have captioned, you can check here:

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