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What Do I Make of This?

Normally I become ecstatic when a celebrity comes out in the open and endorses my campaign.  It is usually more meaningful when this person is a politician.  But in the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have to ask, “Why?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has benefited from the Cinemafia. He continues to receive payments from them as TBS shows “Kindergarten Cop” every other weekend. Why would he risk so much to endorse me?

For now, I will thank the Governator for his generous endorsement. I wish him and Maria well in California.


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  1. Maria is a whore and a slut for marrying that piece of crap. She has shamed her entire family…although he is rich.

    Comment by David | December 16, 2009

  2. But Maria never killed anybody while driving over a bridge.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 16, 2009

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