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Another Snowy Saturday

It’s days like today that makes me wonder if God wants me to be president.  This is the third consecutive Saturday with snow.  Events keep getting canceled or postponed.  There are a few adjustments I am making to my schedule:

  • No “Global Warming” events until after April 15.  It always snows when a global warming or climate change meeting is scheduled.
  • No flying to or from campaign events – Nothing is worse than being stuck at an airport because the airport is snowed in.  Sleeping at Logan Airport in Boston sucks.
  • Trips to Washington, DC will be limited to visiting my parents.  If I can sneak in some time, I will visit supporters like David.
  • Most of my campaign traveling will be done by rail.  Railroads tend to stay open longer than roadways.  That and there is usually a hottie by the train bar.

I will be in Washington, DC next weekend to visit my parents and Patricia for Christmas.  I got Patricia a special gift.  I will be spending a quiet New Year’s at home and watch football all New Year’s Day.


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  2. Loyal supporter David will welcome a visit. Sadly he will be absent next weekend while he visits his family in southern VA for the holiday. He also enjoys the occasional opportunity to refer to himself in the third person, or so I’m told.

    It looks like Patricia will be a very lucky girl to get such a great gift.

    Good thing you weren’t planning on visiting DC this weekend. Metro has canceled service for above ground stations and no bus service while the mayor is telling everyone to keep their damn cars off the road.

    Comment by David | December 19, 2009

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