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Reaching Out

Politicians like to reach out to others.  It is to show you that they care about you.  I also like to show that I care.  (And not just because showing that you care takes less effort than actually caring.)

In the comments section below, feel free to let me know what I should be working on once I am president.  I realize that I don’t know everything so I need you to write down the things I should be working on.

One of the things I will not be working on too much is the economy.  It needs to be fixed, but every time somebody tries to fix it, it gets worse.  The economy is like a rash on the body,  Leave it alone, and it will eventually clear up.  Keep scratching it, and the rash gets infected.

While I wouldn’t attempt to fix the economy, I would bail out institutions that meet my standards for receiving a bailout.  The same would go for jobs.

So go ahead and tell me the things you want me to work on.  It is important to show that I care.


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