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Wild Card Playoff Predictions

It is that time of year again:  The NFL Playoffs.  This weekend is the Wild-Card round.  Eight teams will fight to the death for the right to lose next weekend in Indianapolis, San Diego, New Orleans, and Minnesota.

I was doing predictions in the beginning of the year.  But between my schedule and not being very good at this, I stopped predicting games in November.  Some people say it’s not very presidential picking games.  This is my way of showing I am in touch of what is going on in America today.

NY Jets (+2.5) at Cincinnati

The Jets have something the Bengals don’t have in a quarterback like Mark Sanchez.  On a cold wintry afternoon/ evening in Cincinnati, the Bengals should be glad.  Take the Bengals, give the points.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Dallas

This is the game I least want to watch.  The football gods have been cruel to Redskins fans all season, and today won’t be any different.  Take the Cowboys and give the points.

Baltimore (+3.5) at New England

This game will show how much the Patriots miss Tedy Bruschi.  This game will get ugly with Ray Rice running through the Patriots defense like I ran when Pastor Reynolds caught me with her daughter when I was in high school.  Take the Ravens and the points.

Green Bay (-1) at Arizona

All the momentum would suggest to take the Packers, which ends up being the games the Cardinals win.  I went against the Cardinals all season last year and was one play away from going 0-4.  Take the Cardinals and the lousy single point.

Best bet – Cowboys (Because the football gods want to laugh at me one more time.)


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