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Why I Haven’t Blogged About Haiti

The earthquake was devastating.  It is estimated that 50,000 people died as a result of the earthquake.  The reason why I haven’t blogged about is simple:  Nothing I can say can bring them back.  There is nothing I am about to write that hasn’t been written.  I don’t have a charity to donate to  that you haven’t heard of.  If I did, you’d be hesitant to donate to an organization you haven’t heard of as would I.

I am not one to ask people to donate.  People tend to know to donate after a disaster.  Some people can’t donate because their finances are too tight.  I don’t want to remind those who can’t donate to donate.

People around the world are heading to Haiti trying to help the survivors.  my thoughts and prayers are with everybody in Haiti and their families.


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  1. Did something happen in Haiti? I’ve been watching the news 24/7 but they haven’t mentioned Haiti.

    Comment by David | January 16, 2010

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