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Martin Luther King Day

Monday is Martin Luther King Day.  Yesterday was Martin Luther King’s birthday.  He would have turned 81 yesterday.

One reason why Martin Luther King’s birthday isn’t celebrated more is because we celebrate it on a Monday and not on the 15th.  Many businesses will be open on Monday.  Everything except for banks and the post office will be open.

Everything is closed on Christmas because it is always on December 25.  It’s not on the fourth Monday of December or the first Sunday after the Detroit Lions are eliminated from the playoffs.

Poor Martin Luther King.  His birthday will always be “celebrated” on a Monday.  Monday is a bad day to celebrate a birthday.  Everybody has a bad day on Mondays.

If I am elected President, I will make Martin Luther King’s birthday on January 15th every year.  There will be no more “It’s the 18th this year, 17th next year, etc.  How would you like it if your birthday was always on a Monday?  That’s what I thought.


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