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Keep Your Pants On!

It’s a shame I missed American Idol last week.  I would have caught Larry Platt sing his now-famous “Pants on the Ground” and not have to catch it on YouTube.  It wasn’t the song or the dance that I wanted to see.  He had a very interesting shirt.

Larry Platt is an Ahmnodt Heare Supporter.

It is obvious that Simon Cowell is hardcore Cinemafia.  He knew what Larry Platt’s shirt is about.  He also knew that Larry Platt couldn’t go to Hollywood wearing a shirt supporting the man who wants to crush the Cinemafia.  Simon came up with a bogus rule that prohibots an American Idol contestant from being over 28 years old.  If that the case, then there is no way a 62-year old contestant would have made TV, let alone the screening process contestants go through.

Beware of Simon Cowell and other Cinemafia planting themselves in American society.  Keep an open eye!


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  1. I didn’t like that Fox made Larry cover the “Heare for President”, though I am happy that the “Ahmnodt” was there for everybody to see.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 17, 2010

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