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A Bad, Bad Day

Today is Monday.  That is bad enough.  Nobody should have to go through celebrating their birthday exclusively on Mondays.  The day I had today prevents me from wanting to celebrating any birthday.

My day started innocently enough with grinds in my coffee.  That happens once or twice a month.  The day would get worse.  My elderly neighbor slipped on a patch of ice and needed help getting up and a ride to the hospital.  I carried her and stepped in a poop pile.

I drove her to the hospital when I got stuck in traffic.  The car warmed up and I soon realized I didn’t scrape the poop off of my shoe and the smell was getting to me.  I got to the hospital and dropped off my neighbor.

The front passenger tire blew out and I had to change it.  I changed the tire, but the car was side-swiped as I was lowering the car.  The damage to the driver’s door was too much and I now have to ger in the car from the passenger’s side.

It was early afternoon before I finally got home.  The power went out soon after I started working.  I called the electric company to report the outage.  It took a while for someone to show up.  When the person came over to turn my electricity, he told me my electricity was turned off because I hadn’t paid my electric bill.  I told him I always paid on time and asked to see the turnoff notice.  He turned off the electricity to the wrong house.  My power was restored only after another phone call to the electric company.

I am home, safe and sound,  I will be going to bed before anything else happens to me.


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  1. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t care about your grinds.

    I hate stepping in (dog) poop.

    If you had not foolish interjected yourself into the matters of your neighbor, you would never have been subjected to finding that you have substandard tires, and a car that had a magnetic attraction to other vehicles.

    Of course, I have no room to talk. On a dreadfully snowy evening here, I ventured out to collect a stranded friend who could not get a bus or a taxi. My car got stuck and was subsequently destroyed in what appears to have been a plow truck run amok.


    Comment by David | January 18, 2010

  2. I had to help my neighbor. She sounds like a cat in heat when she screams in agony. I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 18, 2010

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