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Telepathic Teleconference Summary

It didn’t go as well as I thought.  There were more people teleconferencing than I had planned.  There were a couple who joined the teleconference not to ask questions, but to disrupt the meeting,  Unfortunately, they were successful.

A woman had concerns that my plan to make movies more affordable wasn’t a free market solution.  As I tried to answer her question, chants of “Ahmnodt Sucks” could be felt by those of us using telepathy.  I wasn’t able to trace the telepathetic hijackers.  I do not know if they were just a bunch of teenagers causing a ruckus or if it was Cinemafioso being hellbent on making sure I am not elected.

I will answer the lady’s question now.  While my plan is not free market, neither is the system the Cinemafia imposes now.  You can’t bring your own popcorn and soda to a movie theater.  The Cinemafia also uses the same old actors paying them millions and skyrocketing the production costs of a movie.

I will be looking at telepathy encryption options before I host another telepathy teleconference.  American’s voices deserve to be heard, even if their views suck.  The right to free speech ends when one hijacks another’s right to free speech.  I am getting a headache now as the hijackers continue to harass me, even after the teleconference has ended.  Time for me to rest.

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