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Looking for a Pet

I love animals.  I like having pets.  My problem is that the last couple of pets I had died.  My dog Emma died last year.  Fluffy died the year before.  Studies show that having a pet is healthy and that pet owners are happier than non-pet owners.  The study didn’t mention that the happiness disappears once a pet dies.

I am looking for a new pet.  Hopefully the pet won’t die the day before a campaign trip (like Fluffy did).  The pet should be:

  • Cute enough to attract hotties.
  • Be able to do its business in a designated area.
  • Not bite me.  Ever,
  • Be able to survive the day before I go on a campaign trip.

This is my 900th post – two years and two days after my first post.


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  1. Your pets seem to die with a certain regularity…might make your political enemies raise some questions.

    Congrats on #900

    Comment by David | February 16, 2010

  2. Fluffy was the first pet to ever die on me prematurely. I had fish last quite a few years.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 16, 2010

  3. Well, as a huge Dog Whisperer fan, I recommend watching Cesar Millan for awhile and then adopting a shelter dog with just the right energy for you – if you can stand to have your heart broken again.

    Comment by Pamela Villars | February 16, 2010

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