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Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Vanna White’s birthday.  Part of observing Her birthday means I will not be blogging or campaigning tomorrow.  I am also taking tomorrow off from work.  Tomorrow will be spent watching old Wheel of Fortune clips as well as other clips of Vanna on YouTube and Google Video.  I will also send a card to “Vnn Wht” and a check for $750 so she can buy an “A”, an “E”, and an “I” to spell out Her name.  I will have to send out with an overnight service so She gets it tomorrow.

I would like to wish Vanna White the happiest of birthdays tomorrows.  And a Happy Vanna White Day to everybody!

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  1. This slips up on me every year. I guess I need a personal assistant to remind me of such important occasions.

    Comment by David | February 17, 2010

  2. It took me a few years to remember. It’s now the first day I put on my calendar every year.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | February 17, 2010

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