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This Should Remove Any Doubt

In case there was any doubt as to how hot Vanna White is, it was removed yesterday.  While spending Vanna White’s birthday watching videos of Her on YouTube, I came upon a clip from “Goddess of Love”, a movie She starred in.  My computer’s processing chip started overheating and my computer shut down.  I waited a few minutes to allow the processor to cool off.  The computer shut down again due to the processor chip overheating.

I ran my anti-virus program, but my computer was clean of any viruses, trojans, and gummy bears.  I tried to view “Goddess of Love” again, but the same thing happened with my processing chip.  Vanna White is that hot!

Below is the video clip I had been trying to view.  CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT!  (Not in a sexual way, I mean literally.)

I hope everybody had a Happy Vanna White Day.


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