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A Reply to James Tyler’s Blog Entry


It is a good blog entry and is worth reading.  There is just one thing I would like to add to it though.  I believe that third parties and independents like myself have to find a way to inflict damage to one of the major parties. (I mean both, but one at a time.)

2009 was the ideal time to kick the Republicans out of relevancy.  I think that third parties should pool some resources and run ads explaining to people the damage that Republicans and Democrats have done to our liberties and to our country with runaway spending.  If ads were ran during the Republicans’ darkest hour, more people would have been drawn to the Libertarian and Constitution Parties.  Likewise, if ads were ran in November and December about the Democrats’ inability to pass health care reform, this could have helped the Green and Socialist parties.

People need to know what is happening to our country and that there are alternatives to the two parties people keep voting for.


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  1. Good reply; I definitely agree.

    Comment by Editor | February 22, 2010

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