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Mystery Man Unveiled

I was having a discussion with some patrons at the George Inn about politics.  Most of the patrons I talked to were not happy with the job President Obama is doing.  I told them that I agreed and that was why I am running for president.  Most of them have never heard of me, but one man did.  He said he reads this blog occasionally.  He said my problem is the lack of visibility.  Not so much the lack of television coverage, which I have no control.  My problem is that I haven’t posted my face on my blog.  Nobody knows what I look like unless we already know each other.  He was correct.  Here is my picture:

Ahmnodt Heare

Ahmnodt Heare

There are two reasons why I haven’t posted my picture as of yet.  The first is because I thought I posted the picture of me when I first started blogging.  Then I remembered I had problems adding pictures when I started and never did add the picture.  The other reason was because I thought I would have had media coverage by now.

I will be posting more pictures of me in the future.  If you have pictures of me from any of my campaign stops, please feel free to e-mail me.


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