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Ahmnodt Heare in Hospital

I should tell you that I am Ahmnodt Heare’s neighbor and not Ahmnodt Heare.  Mr. Heare was rushed to the hospital after he slipped on his rubber duckie in the bathtub.  I heard a loud thump as my condo is next to his.  I rushed over and was fortunate that his front door was unlocked.  I found him conscious, but quite disoriented.  The first clue that I felt he was disoriented was that he wanted to go to a movie.  He got out of the tub and was a bit wobbly.  The clincher that made me call 911 was when he asked me to look for his Celine Dion CD.

I don’t know Ahmnodt that well but from the few discussions we have had, I knew that he thinks the Motion Picture Association of America is evil and he thinks that Celine Dion is a Canadian spy sent to destroy the American music industry.

He told me where he keeps his passwords for his blog (in the office, underneath the “Hello Kitty” bobble-head doll. He told me to write what has happened to him and with any luck, he’ll be back to blogging tomorrow.  I had to cross out the location of the passwords because I don’t think Ahmnodt wants people to know that he keeps passwords underneath the “Hello Kitty” bobble-head doll.

I am hoping he is well and he will be released from the hospital either later today or tomorrow.


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  2. AH’s “friend”….I was going to leave a very nice and encouraging comment. But, since you are NOT AH, I don’t trust you. AH is an important figure in the future of politics in our country and I am not going to risk leaving a “coded” comment since you could be working for the Taliban, John Edwards, or even worse, Nancy Pelosi “shudder”.
    On the other hand, you could be in cahoots with O-He-Will-Give-Us-Everything-We-Could-Possibly-Need-Bama. If that is the case, I will tell you that I, too, recently made an ER visit. It ended up costing me close to $5000!
    The assclowns at the hospital don’t tell you that the bill handed to you as you leave is NOT THE ONLY ONE that you will receive. Noooooo! You will get an excessively high bill from the ER doc. Then, a few more outrageous charges will show up in your mailbox from people who performed “tests” and people who “read” your tests. I’m still waiting on the one from the people who said “hello” and “goodbye” as I am sure that they are, also, “specialists in their fields”. So, take that info back to your buddy, Obama!
    I hope that AH is feeling better and will get back here soon. And, YOU, stay out of his personal stuff or I’ll send my white trash minions to give you a white trash roughing up!

    Comment by trailerparkbarbie | March 9, 2010

  3. I am much better, TPB. Thank you. He is indeed my friend as he was the one who helped me and called 911. Here is my hospital visit: https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/my-hospital-visit/

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 9, 2010

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