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Glenn Beck Attacks Ahmnodt Heare

He not only attacked me, but he also mentioned some of the frequent visitors of this blog.  He has it in for me, Pamela Villars, Claire Collins, and David.

I would like to thank Glenn Beck for bringing publicity to my campaign.  Me he continue to mention me while he still has a show.

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The Ram Venkatararam Case

Recent Picture of Ram Venkatararam

It has been a year since Ram Venkatararam was falsely imprisoned on kidnapping charges.  The District Attorney claimed that Ram kidnapped his former employee John-Sam from a Hare Krishna compound. Below are a few facts that the court refused to hear that prove Ram Venkatararam’s innocence.

  • John-Sam never returned to the Krishna Compound. – Kidnap victims are always returned to the place from which they are kidnapped.
  • Both John-Sam and Doris (Ram’s ex-girlfriend who used to drive the Snapple truck) have been missing since Ram’s trial.  By missing, I don’t mean “kidnapped”, I mean “hiding.”  I am not sure John-Sam is with Doris by free will.
  • Ram was an outstanding citizen! –  He kept people from loitering the streets by having them loiter in the snack aisle of his store.
  • Harassment by officials was nothing new to Ram – Local officials had often tormented him with archaic rules like keeping milk refrigerated, not allowing smoking in the produce aisle, and mopping the floors.

I had gone to the local District Attorney’s office in the past by myself.  I was always turned away.  I will attempt to go again on Monday at 10:00AM, but I will need help.  Anybody interested in freeing Ram should met me in front of the old Food Here Convenience Store at 9:45 AM.

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