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My Daylight Saving Time Proposal

NOTE:  This entry was first written on March 7, 2008.
At 2:00 Sunday Morning, most Americans will set their clocks and watches ahead one hour. Arizona and Hawaii won’t get to participate, so they won’t lose the hour of sleep that the rest of us will.
My idea for Daylight Saving Time is different. My plan calls for setting the clocks ahead five hours. Critics claim that it will be dark while we wake up, it would be light out when we leave work and for the rest of the night. There would be no need for lamps after work. The only time lighting would be needed would be getting ready for work.
Once I’d switch, I wouldn’t switch back. Few people can sleep 13 hours, so we’d all be waking up in the middle of the night.

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It is Worse Than I Had Ever Thought

I thought Canada only wanted to taint our entertainment industry. It appears they are more sinister than I had ever imagined.  They want to take over the white house.  They got Press Secretary Robert Gibbs!

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been captured by Canadian spies and was forced to wear team Canada's hockey jersey!

We must remain strong. We cannot allow our country to be overthrown by poutine-loving Timbit-ting scoundrels. We must be on the lookout before it’s too late!

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