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Weekend Recap

The first part of the weekend went as planned (except for the Washington Capitals losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning at the game I went to.)  The rest of the weekend had more twists and turns than Anna Nicole Smith with a hula hoop.

I took Patricia to the Washington Monument in a quagmire of a rainstorm.  We stood in front of it for a few seconds when Patricia started sneezing.  I took her back to my parents’ home.  There is nothing worse than dragging around a sick child when sightseeing.

Patricia was laying down in the guest bedroom when her mother came over to pick her up.  She came earlier than she was supposed to, she wasn’t supposed to come over until Sunday morning.  Her plans got shot when she caught her boyfriend cheating with her sister.  I told her that Patricia was sick and sleeping instead of the sightseeing we had planned.

For some reason I felt compelled to engage in a conversation with Jeanetta.  It was then that it dawned on me that I remembered her name.

Jeanetta had a rough week.  She blew a tire on the East-West Highway by the Home Depot.  She found out on Friday that she was going to be laid off from her job next month.  Now her boyfriend and his cheating was paying a toll on her.  One thing led to another, and now her and Patricia will be moving to my apartment in two weeks.  I am going to convert my office to a bedroom and move as much of the office stuff as I can into my bedroom and work out of my bedroom.

I guess I should have asked Jeanetta what she does for a living and tried to get her set up for an interview once she gets up here.  She was an office manager but I forgot what kind of office.  To be honest, I am not thrilled with having Jeanetta move in, but the bright side is that I get to see my daughter every day.  (If I could get home)

It was raining the entire trip home.  The closer I got to New Jersey, the more road closures I encountered.  Most were closed due to flooding.  A few streets were closed due to fallen trees and other debris.  One road was closed due to that town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.  The marchers must have been a hearty bunch because of the driving rain and puddles all over the road.

I finally got home last night only to find myself without electricity.  I spent  the night at a local hotel (a hotel without internet access.)  I did some work this morning before having to check out.  The electricity was still out, causing me to putz around town all afternoon.  I now have power and will be ready to return to work tomorrow.


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  1. That same storm left Regis Philbin and Mrs Philbin without electricity at their Conn vacation home. They had to have the fire dept open their garage door and the gates to their compound. This I learned from watching mind-numbing television.

    Comment by David | March 15, 2010

  2. Are you out of your fricking mind??? a flat tire, a lay-off and a cheating date???? This opens your house to your ex-wife????

    Sure you get to see your daughter but this unemployment and unstable relationship would be grounds to get you custody.

    Living in sin with your ex-spouse is not good PR for your campaign. Dude, you really need better campaign advisors.

    Comment by David | March 15, 2010

  3. David, we were never married. It was a one-night stand. We’re not going to be in the same bedroom.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 16, 2010

  4. Wow – aren’t you the fertile stud – I’m impressed.

    One night stand produces progeny…film at 11.

    Comment by David | March 16, 2010

  5. […] Below is the timeline for the events that transpired last night which caused me to start last night’s show very late and end it very early.  A quick background to the events before the timeline:  I was working on a marketing campaign for a local bed-and-breakfast trailer park.  It wasn’t called that until I came up with the idea.  The trailer park only has five trailers (plus the owner’s trailer).  The trailers are rentals near the state park and have boat access to the lake.  I am also in the process of moving my office to my bedroom and converting the office to a bedroom for my daughter and her mother. […]

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  6. […] I’ll be spending the night at my parents’ house and leave at 4:00AM.  I should be back home and working by 10:00.  Hopefully, I will figure out what to do with the extra room by then.  I should have listened to David. […]

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