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The NHL Hates the Capitals

I didn’t get to watch the Capitals’ game against the Blackhawks on Sunday because I was traveling back to New Jersey from Washington.  THis is why I was shocked to learned that Alexander Ovechkin was suspended for two games because of a hit he gave to Blackhawks’ defenseman Brian Campbell.

The NHL is not happy that the best team in the NHL plays its home games in AMERICA’S capitol and not somewhere in Canada.  (Though for some bizarre reason they love the Pittsburgh Penguins),  Caps’ Head Coach Bruce Boudreau said it best when he said that Ovechkin received a penalty and a suspension because he is stronger than anybody else.

Hockey is a man’s game.  This is one reason why I don’t play it.  Ovechkin never left his feet.  His left skate was on the goal line when he checked Campbell.  Campbell had plenty of distance between himself and the board when he was shoved.  But because he got hurt (broken clavicle and ribs), Ovechkin will serve a two-game suspension for a clean hit.

Let’s put flags on the skaters’ waists.  If somebody pulls a flag, than the skater is considered “checked” and must release the puck.  I fear this is the direction the NHL is heading.  If they keep playing soft, women will soon be allowed to play in the NHL.


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