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Plan B

I whole heartily endorsed Murray Hill, Inc. on Thursday’s blog entry.  I still stand by my endorsement and continue to campaign for Murray Hill, Inc. in spite of recent events that have altered their plans.

If you plan on voting in Maryland’s Republican Primary in the 8th district, write in “Murray Hill, Inc.” exactly as it is written between the quotes.  Do not get discouraged if Murray Hill, Inc. does not win the primary.  There’s still 7 1/2 months before the general election.  This is plenty of time to run an effective write-in campaign.

Corporations are people too!  The First Amendment clearly states that Murray Hill Inc. is entitled to human rights.  I am a unwavering supporter of human rights for everybody.  Anti-corporate bigotry will not be tolerated in my campaign.

Let this be the most successful campaign ever! (until 2012.)


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  1. I should add that I will be in the area next weekend.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 27, 2010

  2. Good luck!

    Comment by 25BAR | March 28, 2010

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