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A Disappointing Letter

I get mail from supporters and critics almost every day.  Once in a while I will get an e-mail from somebody who used to be a critic but now supports my campaign.  I received a different letter this morning.  This letter comes from an ex-supporter who no longer thinks I would be a good president.

Dear Ahmnodt Heare:

I have been following your campaign since you wrote about your experience with the Emperor’s Club two years ago.  I had the same hardship even though I wasn’t running for president.  i also liked that you don’t just want to change things, you do the things you want to change.

You didn’t go to Congress and say that the leader of the free world should be elected by everybody in the free world.  You campaigned in Europe and treated people there as if their vote counted.

You champion many of the causes that no other candidate would touch, not even Ron Paul.  I believe that even if you never become president, that you will soon bring down the Cinemafia and that Celine Dion will be deported to Canada.

There is one topic that is dear to me that you had totally missed the boat.  While I applaud the fight against the Cinemafia, you had never mentioned a more dangerous enemy:  The Medicinemafia.  Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and Baptist churches are all in cahoots with each other and driving up the cost of health care.  While you gave a decent proposal to handle insurance costs, this does little to the Medicinemafia as a whole.

You had two years to come up with the plan for hospitals andpharmaceutical companies and have done nothing.  Not only have you done nothing to handle the Baptist Church’s role in the Medicinemafia, but you spoke at five Baptist churches in one day!

I wish you luck in your future, but I am saddened that I can no longer support your campaign.


Maureen “Mo” Schenpik-Shurr

I will write Ms. Shenpik-Shurr later.  It is disturbing, but I must admit that that I have never heard of the Medicinemafia and the effects they have had on the cost of health care.  I can’t understand how the Baptist Church is involved in health care, but they are champions in fighting the Cinemafia.  The only time you will see a Baptist in a movie theater is when Tyler Perry is doing one of his “Medea” movies.  The Baptists were also the ones who alerted me about the dangers of Justin Bieber.  I will investigate and see if the Baptists have any involvement with the Medicinemafia, but I doubt I will find the connection.

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