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2008 Television Mention Discovered

I did not know that my 2008 campaign was mentioned on television until today.  I found out about it while talking to a trucker at the Denny’s counter in Des Moines.  He said it was big news that day, but faded as soon as it was shone in the spotlight.  There was no mention of it in the Des Moines radio ads or in the newspapers. I was told everybody talked about the news story at bars, bowling alleys, and at midweek church services that night, but nothing had been mentioned since.

I found the news story.  It turned out that they asked Maxim model Diana Falzone about my campaign.  Copyright laws prohibit me from posting the video on my site, but I can post the link and you can check out the news story for yourself.

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Unexpected Consequenses

Everything a person does has residual effects.  This can be good or bad, depending on the circumstance.  “Orgies for Abstinence II” accomplished a lot of good at the one I attended as many people were taught the benefits of abstinence.  There was one that did not go quite as well.

My mother recently decided to be more supportive in my campaign for 2012 than she was in 2008.  (She voted for Obama.)  My mother (along with my father) planned an “Orgies for Abstinence” at the seniors’ center near their home.  It got them in oodles of trouble.  Most of this was because of the staff that misunderstood that the reason for their orgy was to promote abstinence.  It didn’t help that my parents forgot to bring the abstinence materials with them.

They set up the orgy without an incident.  Approximately ten minutes into it, the seniors’ center’s director walked in and ended it.  My parents are now barred from the center for life.

The next official “Orgies for Abstinence” is not until Election Day, though there may be several unofficial events as it has taken off due to its popularity.  If you need any materials for abstinence for your orgy, please e-mail me or call me at (507)-AHMNODT.  If you must have an orgy at a senior center, a church, or a day care center, please make sure you have these materials handy.

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