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The Medicinemafia – Real or Imaginary?

I received a letter from Maureen “Mo” Shenpik-Shurr a few weeks ago.  In her letter, she was disappointed with my lack of criticism of the Medicinemafia.  I will address my findings today.

I should note that there is more to investigate, but I won’t.  There are a few claims in Maureen’s letter that I would like to mention:

  • The Baptist Church’s involvement – I have learned that what I had thought is correct – The Baptist church had no involvement and is cleared of any wrongdoing.  They have been fighting the Medicinemafia through prayer and informing the parishioners that Democrats are bad for the country.  They told me to check out the Unitarian Church.  My findings was the same, except that they told their parishioners that Republicans are bad.
  • Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies – These groups are all part of the Medicinemafia and has caused havoc towards health care.  They tried to cover their tracks by funding Democratic and Republican parties.  My research has concluded that both parties have supported these industries for years and are scrambling to find a way to supporting the voting base without losing support from the companies.  At last check, the parties and their candidates were still being funded for their campaigns.

I have also unearthed a few other things about the Medicinemafia that needs addressing:

  • Many of my fellow Vanna White supremacists want this law repealed because of the financial hardship insurance costs can cost Vanna White (especially the “Cadillac Insurance Tax”)
  • The Cinemafia, while not financially supporting the Medicinemafia, are offering moral support.
  • The Canadian government has no involvement, though some MPs have been known to chuckle at our new health care plan.

I will continue to investigate the Medicinemafia and will report my findings when conditions warrant.


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