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William Shatner for Governor General

Many of you (especially Canadians) are wondering why I am getting involved in Canadian politics.  I am wondering that also.  People generally don’t like it when foreigners ring in about their home country’s politics.  I experienced that in 2008 when many non-Americans were hoping Barack Obama would be President even though they could not partake in American politics.  I am working to make it possible for non-Americans to vote for the U.S. President in 2012.

I must be honest.  I do not know what a Governor General does, but it sounds like as a Governor General, Shatner will go out to war against other provinces,  But I do know that he does have overwhelming support among Canadians.  This is a win-win situation.  Canadians get a beloved Canadian as their Governor General.  Americans get one less spy infiltrated with help from the Canadian government tainting the American entertainment industry.

Join me in supporting William Shatner as Governor General.  It will be good for everybody.


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  1. he has my vote, or would if I could vote, or was a Canadian

    Comment by Gryphon | April 24, 2010

  2. I did some reading on this. it turns out the Governor General is someone who is recommended by the Prime Minister and serves for the British monarchy,

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | April 24, 2010

  3. makes sense. England appoints governors to rule their colonies and since the Big Maple Leaf used to be one but can’t quite cut the apron strings . . .

    Comment by Gryphon | April 24, 2010

  4. Shatner has my vote in all things.

    Comment by yellowcat | April 24, 2010

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