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Signs of Progress

There have been signs that my campaign is growing.  All one had to do is to see the evolution on Google.  When the website started and somebody wanted to search for “Ahmnodt Heare”, one would see a few links with “Did you mean ‘Am Not He Are’?” on top of the results.

Then came the “suggested search” that Google fills out when you type something.  For the longest time, it would not suggest Ahmnodt Heare.  Last summer, it would suggest “Ahmnodt Heare”, but not until “Ahmnodt” was typed in its entirety.

January was the next hurdle that was crossed.  “Ahmnodt Heare” was being suggested as soon as “Ahm” was typed.

This is what pops up when you type in "Ahm".

It gets better!  Now when you type in “Ahmnodt Hear”  (Notice you don’t have to type “Heare” in its entirety), you now get some options:

What one sees when typing in "Ahmnodt Hear".

Where there is no Wiki page yet, there are some fan pages that you can join.  Many of the links are already listed in the “Ahmnodt Heare Links” on the upper left hand corner.

As more people find out about my campaign, Google and other search engines will offer more choices.  More choices will lead to more readers of this blog, which will lead to yet more choices, which will… (You get the idea.)

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  1. Woo! Success!

    I haven’t checked google lately to see what I need to type to find my blog. It would probably depress me.

    Comment by yellowcat | May 1, 2010

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