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The Numbness of Disappointment

This is usually when I give my predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I normally wait until now because I am usually too busy to take the time to give the First Round predictions.  I am not making a prediction this year.  I am having a hard time grasping that there is still hockey after the Washington Capitals have been eliminated.  I am rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins to beat the Canadiens even though Penguins fans will harp on how Sidney Crosby is a better player than Alex Ovechkin.  It just isn’t true.  Anybody who knows anything about hockey knows Ovechkin is a much better player than Crosby.

Next week is Mother’s Day.  I won’t be able to watch too much hockey anyway.  I am heading down to Washington after work Friday and am heading back home early Sunday evening.  I am hoping to make it home by Midnight.  The trip would have been planned a bit differently if the Capitals were still in the playoffs or if the Nationals weren’t at home against the Florida Marlins.

There will be no predictions this year, although I am hoping the Canadiens and the Canucks lose this round.

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