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For those of you who thought my radio show isn’t until tomorrow, you were correct.  I started flooding my Facebook and Twitter pages yesterday thinking that the show was last night.  The only problem was that the URL listing was for tomorrow’s show.

When the show started, there were fewer people in the chat room than normal.  This was mostly because I kept posting the wrong show.

Here is the link to last night’s show (You can listen to the archives if you wish) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ahmnodt-heare/2010/05/07/open-lines

Here is the link to tomorrow’s show:


The only difference between the two links is the date, which I have in bold.  I had scheduled the show for tomorrow a while ago.  During the time since, I was thinking that the show was Friday.  I do not know why I scheduled a show for that late on Sunday as I have to drive home from Washington, DC.  It’s a five-hour trip.  A one-hour show means I am here in DC until 8PM and I won’t be home until 1 AM.  There is an 8AM meeting I have with a potential business client on Monday morning.  It could be my biggest client yet.

It could have been worse.  I could have scheduled the show for yesterday and not try to air until tomorrow.  I would have gotten a notice from BlogTalk Radio stating that after three show scheduled shows are not attempted that I would lose the show.  I had one last year as I tried to do a show on the road, but the hotel I was staying at had no internet service.  (I thought every hotel had internet, but I was wrong.)

Instead of thinking that yesterday’s show is tomorrow and that tomorrow’s show was yesterday, just remember that there was a show last night and that there will be a show tomorrow and the show will be open lines.

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