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Confusing Too Many People

I don’t like outing my campaign manager because we both wish to keep his identity a secret.  We were hoping that we could have gone the entire campaign without letting people know that I did have a campaign manager. However; after last weekend’s radio shows snafu, I decided to let people know that I do have a campaign manager and it was him that did the scheduling snafu.

I promised Michael Weinheimer that I would continue to keep his identity a secret.  He has, until this weekend, been a very good campaign manager, considering I haven’t paid him.  It’s just that I don’t understand why he would schedule a show for Sunday and tell me it was Friday.  When I was ready to start the show on Friday, I was informed that the show was set for Sunday.  I had to set the show for Friday so I could do the show.  The problem became worse when I flooded my Facebook and Twitter pages for Friday’s show, I gave Sunday’s link.  Many supporters were confused about not hearing the show or not seeing the chat room.

I decided to do a show on Sunday anyway.  I didn’t get to send the messages to Facebook and Twitter as I usually do because yesterday was Mother’s Day.  There was no time for me to be near the computer because I took my mother out for breakfast and I took my father to the Nationals-Marlins game.

The date isn’t set yet, but I will be resuming the radio show regularly sometime in late May or early June.  This will allow supporters to properly schedule their time and allow Michael Weinheimer to remain anonymous.

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