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A Reason Why I Believe What I Believe

I thought today was going to be the day I was going to finish moving.  Take a bunch of stuff, load the car, and drive to the new place down the hill.  The movers were going to move the load their truck with furniture and other big items and bring it to the new place.  It seems that somehow they got lost.  This is not a trip across the country or even to the other side of town.  This was a trip down the street and they got lost.

They didn’t just past the house and realize they missed it and turned around.  They kept going like they were the Energizer bunny.  I had time to put away everything I brought down and cook dinner.  The moving company just called and informed me that the truck broke down in Mount Vernon, NY because they somehow got an order that I was moving there and not Vernon, NJ.

I asked the caller if they bothered typing the address in their GPS and it seems that they don’t have GPSs in their trucks.  They also got lost going to Mount Vernon, NY and ended up in Greenwich, CT.

The truck was towed to a mechanic near Mount Vernon, but the auto shop that does trucks is closed on weekends.  I may get my furniture early Monday evening.  It may take longer depending on the problem.

There are too many stupid people on this planet.  I will do what I can morally and ethically can do to make sure that the stupid people don’t dominate the Earth.  Shooting them is illegal and would get Amnesty International in my britches.  That’s what makes my plan so good.  Repealing laws that protect stupid people allows them to die off ethically and it assures that humans evolve into smarter beings for generations to come.

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