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Blooper Tuesday

Today is primary day in New Jersey as well as in nine other states.  Primaries set the tone for what to expect in the general election.  I will have no part of setting the tone.

New Jersey has closed primaries.  A voter has to be a Republican to vote in a Republican primary or a Democrat to vote for a Democrat.  I am a registered Independent.  I won’t be able to taint influence today’s elections because I refused to register with either party.  I wasn’t the only person in my voting district who had this problem.  A young woman went to vote for the first time right after I was turned away.  She said she wanted to test the write-in system.  She was excited for someone named M. Note Heearr.  I don’t know who M. Note is, but I wish him or her luck.

I was mailed a sample ballot even though I was not allowed to vote.  Most of the races were unopposed with the only contested race being for Republican Sheriff.

This brings to another difference between President Obama and me.  President Obama wants to kick ass.  I want to kick ass and elephant.  One really big kick on November 6, 2012.

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