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This may be the hardest blog entry I have ever made.  The reason is I want to talk about my new girlfriend, but she doesn’t want the publicity.  I feel compelled to write about her, but I will not mention her name for the following reasons:

  • She prefers a private life.  To maintain her privacy, I will refrain from mentioning the incredible things she does with her tongue and the mole on her left butt-cheek that looks like the state of Florida.
  • She has an infectious personality.  She is so easy to get along with that people might forget about me and vote for her for President.
  • I have yet to meet her parents.  I do not know if her parents read my blog or not, but a blog is not the place where you want to read about the sex life of your child.
  • She hasn’t met my parents or my daughter Patricia.  They will meet this weekend.  It is important that the three most important women in my life all get alone.  Fortunately my mother and my daughter love each other.
  • If I mention her name and she finds out, I won’t get any.  No comment.

I will be proud and honored to mention her name when the time is right.  Until then, I am going to keep my trap in the “off” position.


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