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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ugly

It’s not going to be a Father’s Day I am going to forget any time soon.  It was more bad than good (as I think the title suggests) and the ramifications will be long lasting.

The Good – I received several e-mails and texts from supporters in the New York area who watched the Mets play the Yankees on the Mets’ network tell me that Keith Hernandez said, “I have been boycotting movies for quite a while now.” during the game.  I do not know if he is following my campaign, but it’s nice to see that others are boycotting the Cinemafia.

The Bad – I did not get to spend Father’s Day with my father.  I had bought him tickets for today’s Nationals game against the White Sox.  The tickets were put inside a card and placed on the kitchen counter.   I woke up around 8:00 this morning only to see an opened empty envelope.  My father was gone.  My mother said he was going to the game with his fishing buddies.

The Ugly – I did not get to see my daughter on Father’s Day.  In the ultimate twist of irony, her mother came over to pick her up Saturday Night and said she was taking Patricia out for ice cream.  They did not return.  I went to where Jeanetta was staying to pick up Patricia for the day before returning to help them move to my place.

The Ugly Ugly – Nothing was packed when I arrived.  There was no moving van.  There were no signs that they were ready to move.  I brought this to Jeanetta’s attention.  She told me that she started her job last month and that neither her nor Patrica were moving.  This lead to a shouting match with most of the shouting being done by me.  I rarely lose my cool, but I also rarely move out of a house I was happy with only to move into a three-bedroom house that I only moved to because Patricia’s mother and Patricia would need a place to live once the school year was over in Washington.

I’ll be spending the night at my parents’ house and leave at 4:00AM.  I should be back home and working by 10:00.  Hopefully, I will figure out what to do with the extra room by then.  I should have listened to David.


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  1. Wow. Sorry about the suck-fest. However, your dad going to the game with his fishing buddies is hysterical.

    Comment by yellowcat | June 20, 2010

  2. Sorry about your father’s day Ahmnodt. Sounds like everyone just acted like it was any old normal day. What has happened to families getting together to have good food and good or bad conversation?

    Well, maybe next year will be better…..sounds like you need to make an appointment with your dad though (just to make sure he will be available)….lol.

    Comment by trishothinks | June 26, 2010

  3. My father knew I got him tickets for Father’s Day and I was going to take him. There were four tickets (us, my daughter, and my mother,)

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 26, 2010

  4. Well then…..maybe you need to have your dad checked for Alzheimers for his lack of memory about your plans?
    (I know….i’m just trying to make you feel better about getting dumped by dad…..oh well, I tried).

    Comment by trishothinks | June 27, 2010

  5. My father knew what he was doing. Thanks for trying to make me feel better. 😀

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 27, 2010

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