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Campaign Schedule Set

The days I will be campaigning between Wednesday and next Sunday have been set.  The times and exact locations have not been set, but will be by Monday.

Wednesday – Pittsburgh, PA (I will be discussing how the steel industry is a leading cause of air pollution.  I will also discuss the social ills of sexual misconduct among professional athletes.)

Thursday – Akron, OH (Was originally going to be in Cleveland, but changed location due to the LeBron James fiasco.  Turns out to be a bad idea because not only is Akron Cavaliers country, but it’s where LeBron was born and raised.)

Friday – Detroit, MI (I’ll think of something)

Saturday – Hamilton, ON (Where better to discuss my foreign policy than in a foreign country?  With some negotiations, the United States can divert going to was against our neighbors to the north.)

Sunday – Buffalo, NY (My birthplace   I was raised in Washington DC, but I was born in Buffalo as my parents were driving from Hamilton to what was supposed to be Albany, NY to visit my father’s old college roommate.  I was born in the car just before crossing the border {It took two hours to cross the border that day} and I stayed in a Buffalo hospital.

I am heading to bed.  I have a long day tomorrow…

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