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Next Two Radio Shows Canceled

There will be no radio show tonight or next Tuesday.  There will be no show tonight due to my work schedule.  There will be no show next Tuesday, but I forgot why.  Programming will resume on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:00PM Eastern from the patio of Kites Restaurant in Vernon, NJ (weather permitting)

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Kicking it Up a Notch

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will announce his intentions for running for President sometime next week.  The rest of the year will be filled with other presidential hopefuls.  I see this as two things:  That my days of running unopposed are numbered and that I had a 20-month head start and that might be too overwhelming for my competitors.

I have already planned my vacation from August 14-29.  It will include my second annual trip to Blanca Fest  and Saguache County, Colorado. I will drive to Colorado this year as this will allow me time to campaign during the drive from New Jersey.  I’ll be stopping in Cleveland, Chicago, Des Moines, Grand Rapids Nebraska, and Baltimore.  The return trip will include Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Akron, and Las Vegas.

What the next presidents owes to the American people (whether it’s me, media Goddess Sarah Palin, or some other schmuck:

  • A health care plan that is affordable for the American people that will not bankrupt the government.
  • Jobs that pay well enough to afford the essentials:  Food, shelter, water, clothing, and entertainment.
  • An education system that allows people to learn how bad government is.
  • Replacing “Presidents’ Day” with Vanna White’s Birthday (February 18) as a national holiday.

There are 28 months until the 2012 General Election.  Together we can make this work and elect a working-class American as President of the United States.  (I mean me).

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