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Ahmnodt an Influence

An anonymous supporter has said that I am in influence on his or her life.  He or she went out of his or her way to show that I have been an influence that he or she nominated me for The Influence Project.  This kind person also showed me how you can vote for me as a person of influence.  All you have to do is click this link* and wait for the page to load.  Once the page loads, you are done.  That’s it.  I even did it because I think I have been an influence on my life.

If I have been an influence in your life, please take a few seconds and click the link.  That is all you will have to do.  Thank you for your continued support.

*Link opens in a new window which can be closed as soon as the page finishes loading.


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Special Guest Host

I will not be able to host next Tuesday’s radio show.  There will be a show though because the show must go on!  My campaign manager will be hosting and taking phone calls.

He will be discussing why he joined my campaign and why you should too.  He has a sharp sense of humor and it shows in his take on politics.

Don’t forget the show is Tuesday from 11:00 to 11:30 PM Eastern.

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