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Coming Soon – Campaign Photos

I was talking to one of my neighbors earlier today.  He ran for the New Jersey Senate in 2000 but lost in a landslide.  I told him that I ran for President in 2008 and am running again in 2012.  I showed him my website.  He was impressed with the number of posts I have written.  (This is my 1,103 post).

He said something that got my attention:  There are few pictures of the campaign and the few pictures there are don’t have me in the pictures.  He said all politicians show pictures of the campaign trail and go out of their way to make sure that they are included in the pictures.  Below are a few pictures at campaign rallies that I was not pictured in:

For now on, I will be taking pictures at my campaign stops.  If you happen to be at one of the rallies, feel free to take pictures and submit them to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.


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